Information for providers/LACs

How do I submit an invoice for a participant?

If your work was for a NDIS client, you can email the invoice to 

If your work was for a HCP Client, you can email the invoice to 

Make sure that you have all of the following information on your invoice:

  • your name, email address and phone number
  • your ABN and your payment details (i.e. your account and BSB information)
  • your hourly rate, a description of the support/item provided, and the number of hours provided – or if you’re providing a physical item, the total cost including GST of that item
  • an invoice number – this should be different for every single invoice you submit (it can be as simple as 1234)
  • the name of the client the invoice is for.

If you don’t have an invoice template, that’s ok! Here’s one we prepared earlier.

How come my invoice/reimbursement hasn't been paid/has been rejected?

There's a few reasons why we might not be able to pay an invoice you've sent through. These include:

  1. The document is a quote – please note that we can only process an invoice or a pro forma invoice
  2. One of the following information is missing:
    • The participant’s/recipient's name (or the name is incorrectly spelt)
    • The participant’s/recipient's NDIS  or AC number
    • The provider’s ABN
    • The provider’s contact details – phone number and email address is required
    • An invoice number, or the invoice number has already previously been used for this client
    • The dates or time period of the support
    • The provider’s bank details (please note, we can only pay via direct debit to a BSB and Account Number, we cannot pay via credit card)
    • A description of the support (inclusion of a line item is preferred)
  3. Information is incorrect, which may include:
  4. The support includes GST, where this support is not eligible for GST to be claimed – further information on GST can be found here:
  5. A support has been invoiced which is inconsistent with the requirements of the NDIS Price Guide – a link to the NDIS price guide can be found here:
  6. A support has been invoiced which is inconsistent with the requirements of the Home Care Package Operational Guidelines  – a link to the manual can be found here: Home Care Package Operational Manual
  7. The invoice is for supports provided either:
    • During the tenure of a previous plan manager, and our service booking start date is after the provided supports (in which case, you'll need to liaise with the previous plan manager)
    • Prior to the participant having an NDIS plan or Home Care Package (in which case you'll need to liaise with the NDIS or My Aged Care)
    • During a plan which was NDIA-managed (if you're a registered provider, you'll need to do a payment request through the MyPlace portal - if you're not a registered provider, you'll need to liaise with the NDIS directly)
  8. The invoice is for a participant who is not a client with us, or is no longer a client with us
  9. The invoice is fraudulent, or very clearly does not meet the NDIS' or Home Care Package reasonable and necessary criteria
  10. The participant has declined for us to approve this invoice – in this case, please liaise directly with the participant involved.

If we can't pay your invoice, we'll let you know so you can amend the invoice. You can always call us if you're not sure.

Do you have a portal I can access?

We sure do! Clients can access the portal, and they can also provide access to additional people too. Additional people could be parents, friends, support coordinators or service providers. We'll need to confirm via phone or email with the client or their representative that they're ok for another person to have access to their portal - or, you can save us some time and fill in our Consent to Share Form with the client.

Is PlanCare NDIS and My Aged Care registered?

We sure are - our NDIS registration number is 4050069715,, and our My Aged Care registration is 601020.

Are you Australia-wide?

Yep, we support clients all across Australia. 

Got another question for us? Great! We love questions.

Get in touch with us by calling 1800 024 000, or emailing us at You can also use our contact form on the website to leave a question.