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PlanCare's Plan Management Process

1Sign up to PlanCare
Signing up to PlanCare to manage your funding is easy. You can either complete our online sign up form or call our friendly Customer Service team who can guide you through the process. You can contact them on 1800 024 000.

When signing up, its a good idea to have your NDIS plan handy and any other information you feel may be useful including your nominee details.
2Signing a Service Agreement
The next stage is to sign a Service Agreement. Once you have completed the sign up form, we will send you a copy of our Service Agreement. You can find a copy of our service agreement by clicking here.

The Service Agreement will detail how PlanCare will deliver Plan Management services to you. If you have any questions on our Service agreement or need help, please contact our customer service team who will help you through it.
3Get you set up!
Once we have your signed Service Agreement, we will send out your Welceom Letter and a copy of the service agreement.
We will then set you up on the PlanCare Portal, where you will be able to see your funding, your budgets and spend to date.

You can access the PlanCare portal by clicking here or visiting https://hub.plancare.com.au.
4What is an NDIS plan?
An NDIS plan is a document that outlines your goals, aspirations and any support you might require to get through everyday life. You’ll provide this information at your planning meeting with your Local Area Coordinator, where you can also discuss how much funding you might require in order to meet each part of your plan.
5What's covered by the NDIS?
Assistance with the NDIS covers a range of aspects, including daily personal activities, transport, mobility (wheelchairs or frames), access to education and employment, living arrangements and independence, general health and wellbeing, along with home and vehicle modifications, household jobs, and therapy, as required.
6How do I prepare myself for the NDIS?
When you meet with the NDIS representative, you’ll be asked many questions about your life. Be prepared to answer them as this will help you to get the right plan in place, and as such, the right amount of support. You will need your personal details, community and mainstream support information, the goals you want to achieve, and information about your safety and how you currently manage every day tasks.
7Can I make changes to my NDIS plan?
Once your NDIS plan is approved, you can always talk to them and ask them to do a review of that plan if your circumstances or goals change. Simply explain to them what you want, and why, and it should be easy enough to adjust. This includes if you want to use a Plan Manager to manage your funds and to also get access to more provider services such as unregistered providers. Using a Plan Manager allows you to access an unregistered provider easily.
8How do I know how if I still have enough money in my NDIS budget?
PlanCare will be able to provide you with access to your budgets and spending via our friendly plan dashboard, so you can rest assured you won’t run out of funds before you’re ready. You can also rest easy knowing one of our helpful Plan Managesr can keep track of everything for you, which will take the stress off you.

Starting with a Plan Manager

1What is Plan Management?
Choosing Plan Management enables you to get more choice in who provides the services you need. It also helps and supports you in managing your NDIS funds. Our friendly plan management team takes the stress out of handling the day-to-day administration that comes with an NDIS plan. This includes processing invoices and keeping track of your fund balance.
2How much does Plan Management cost?
It doesn’t cost you anything. It’s all part of the NDIS scheme and is available to all participants if you want it. Just ask!
3What are the benefits of Plan Management?
There are so many reasons to get a Plan Manager for your NDIS funding. We will take care of any paperwork, which eases the stress on you, and we will keep track of your spending, maintain your financial records, handle any claims and ensure providers are all getting paid on time. Our Plan Management team will also track your spending and assist if you require any specific service providers in your area. By using a Plan Manager, you can focus on living and enjoying life.
4How do I sign up for Plan Management?
It’s easy! Just head to our sign up page and get in touch!
5How do I find service providers?
Get in touch with our team today and we can provide you with information relating to service providers in your area. You can also find registered service providers in your area at www.ndis.gov.au or call the NDIS helpline on 1800 800 110.
6What is the difference between unregistered and registered providers?
NDIS service providers are asked to register with the NDIS themselves, however not everyone does this – and that’s okay. It just means they can’t claim their invoices with the NDIS directly. Using a Plan Manager allows you to access these unregistered providers easily.

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