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How does the NDIS planning process work?

There are a few steps you will undertake in order to complete your planning. The basic steps are:

    Understand your current supports

    Preparing for your planning meeting

    Attending the planning meeting to create your plan

    Receive your approved NDIS plan

    Using your NDIS plan

    Review your current plan

How to prepare for your NDIS Planning Meeting?

NDIS recommends that you complete the “Booklet 2 – Planning", which is a checklist to help you get prepared for the meeting. This booklet can be found by clicking here

You must also bring with you other information that will support your requirement for funding. This could include relevant assessments and reports to help NDIS staff to understand what types of supports you need.

What happens at the Planning Meeting?

Your planning meeting can happen in person or over the phone. NDIS staff will ask a few questions to understand how things are going in different aspects of your life to help create a plan with the right supports to your goals and needs. It is from this meeting, the answers you give and the evidence you provide that they will allocate the amount funding to meet your goals.

What happens after my Planning Meeting?

At the end of the meeting, your NDIS contact will discuss the next steps with you and how long it will take to receive your NDIS Approved Plan. Once you receive your approved plan is when you can start allocating funds to providers that will help you reach your goals. If you want to have a Plan Manager manage the invoices for you, then you need to ensure you have ‘Improved Life Choices’ or ‘CB Choice & Control’ budget category included in your plan.

If you do not have these in your plan, you can use this template to request this option from your NDIA Planner. Click here for a copy of the template.

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