How do I know if I classify as remote?

It can be pretty tricky working out what prices you should be paying for supports – especially if you don’t live in the city. The NDIS […]

Hiring Your Own Support Workers

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Hearing and the NDIS

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What is a Functional Capacity Assessment?

You might have seen in your NDIS plan the words ‘functional capacity assessment’. Commonly abbreviated to FCA, it is essentially an assessment of your unmet needs, […]

What does a social worker do?

Social workers work in lots of different environments, with a range of different people. The goal of a social worker is to help you make changes […]

What is ‘Reasonable and Necessary’?

Want to see this info quickly? Download our helpful one-page info sheet here. One thing you’ll hear a lot on your NDIS journey is the term […]

LAC’s, ECEI’s, and Planners – what’s the difference?

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Support Coordination – everything you need to know

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