Helpful Documents

PlanCare Service Agreement

This service agreement can be used for all NDIS clients. It's jargon-free and easy to understand - simple for you and simple for us. Click here for our easy-read service agreement.

PlanCare Welcome Pack

Each PlanCare client receives a Welcome Pack when they join us. As we tailor your Welcome Pack to your specific needs (and to the co-care / plan manager you're allocated), they'll be a little different for everyone. If you would like a copy, please email us at

This form can provide consent for us to inform the people you have nominated. Click here to open our consent to share form.

PlanCare Feedback Form

We LOVE feedback - the good, the bad and the ugly. You can submit feedback by filling in this form and sending it to or PO Boix Z5202, St Georges Tce Perth 6831. You can always tell us your feedback over the phone by ringing 1800 024 000.

Got a complaint? We're sorry to hear that, but we appreciate hearing where we can improve. Click on the link to see how we manage complaints. You can also contact us for a copy of our Complaints Policy.

Request for Plan Management Form

Wanting to start plan managing? Bring this form to your planning meeting or send it to your LAC or planner to get the ball rolling.

Invoice Template

You can use this template to put together your invoices. You can adjust this to suit your needs – just make sure you have:

  • your name, email address and phone number
  • your ABN and your payment details (i.e. your account and BSB information)
  • your hourly rate, a description of the support/item provided, and the number of hours provided – or if you’re providing a physical item, the total cost of that item
  • an invoice number – this should be different for every single invoice you submit (it can be as simple as 1234)
  • the name of the client the invoice is for.

Once you’ve filled in the required information, send this to (for NDIS clients) or (for HCP clients). We’ll take care of the rest.