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NDIS Price Guide – The Easy Read Version

Last updated: 1 July 2023.

Trying to make sense of the NDIS price guide? We’ve created a version that’s easier to understand, and simpler to read.

Travel and Transport Explained

Travel and transport is one of the trickiest areas of NDIS to get your head around. We’ve broken it down so you feel like you’re in the drivers seat (pun intended).

What is Reasonable and Necessary?

A fact sheet all about the six criteria of Reasonable and Necessary. You can also read our article here.

How Can I Manage my NDIS Funds?

A fact sheet about the different ways you can choose to have your NDIS funds managed.

NDIS Terms Explained

Commonly used acronyms and terms in the NDIS, simply explained.

NDIS Funding Categories

Find out more about the support budgets and funding categories in NDIS.

What does a social worker do?

Have you ever wondered what a social worker does? You can also read our article here all about the role of a social worker.

What does an occupational therapist do?

A bit lost about what it is an OT actually does? Have a read here to clear things up.

What does a speech pathologist do?

Think you might need a speech pathologist (also known as a speech therapist) but not sure how they can help? Read on for more.

What can I spend my consumables funding on?

Not sure what you can spend your consumables/low cost AT funding on? Or just want some inspiration? Click on our fact sheet for some great ideas.

What does a support coordinator do?

Support coordinators have a diverse role – read on to see how they can support you.

What does a plan manager do?

Plan management is our bread and butter – have a read through our fact sheet to see what is involved.

How does plan management work?

So you want to plan manage, but how does the whole process actually work?

Supported Decision Making

Enabling people to understand what choice and control means, and how they can be supported to exercise it.

What does a Psychosocial Recovery Coach do?

Recovery coaching is fairly new to the NDIS, and has been a game-changer for people living with a psychosocial disability. Read on to learn more about the role.